The Jacques Farel Story

They are four: the father Jacques, the mother Michele and the two children Joanne and Elliot. It is the story of a Swiss " entrepreneurial " family , who moved to Hong Kong in 1979 and made a name for themselves in the highly competitive world of watch-making. The family name is Froidevaux , but that was a bit too long to fit nicely on the dial of a watch after the name of the founder, Jacques. So they chose a shorter name---Farel---, and the brand became known as Jacques Farel. A nice touch , also allowing the name to retain that "Swiss- French" flavor of a family company that stands for both quality and diversity.

That unified family spirit is found especially in the Jacques Farel Kids watch collection. As siblings Joanne and Elliot became parents themselves and founders Jacques and Michele proud grandparents, they decided to launch Jacques Farel Kids watches to inspire children all over the world and facilitate the time learning process.

Today, the reputation of the brand continues to  grow internationally, and the name Jacques Farel remains a symbol of family, originality, quality and most of all a dream that became a reality.

Founder and Managing Directors (and proud grandparents) Jacques and Michele and their 4 grandchildren. 

Directors and siblings Joanne and Elliot